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Hello neighbors,

Just a reminder as to the best way to request work regarding your irrigation system. Duval has added a tab to their main website www.DuvalLandscape.com for work orders as well as tracking and follow up. Click the green “How can we help you” button. Then click the grey “work order requests” button. From there, please fill out the form and your request will be noted and scheduled. You will be able to check your own work order status if this process if followed.

Duval has also added a 24/7 toll free “Duval Hotline”, with a friendly and professional person to answer calls for UP residents.

This new phone system is also auditable. 866-980-3560

University Place’s CDD Board
Tami Cashi, Seat5@universityplacecdd.org

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Dear University Place Residents,

The University Place HOA Board of Directors takes very seriously the COVID-19 related public health concerns and the health and safety of all of the residents in our community. We have been monitoring the evolving situation regarding the development of COVID-19 and carefully reviewing the guidelines promulgated by the CDC and other public health authorities regarding safe use of public swimming pools, play structures and other community amenities.

In the interest of protecting the health and safety of all of our residents, the University Place HOA Board of Directors has put together Guidelines for use of our facilities during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our facilities will be open for use BEGINNING JUNE 1, 2020.

The Board will continue to review CDC and other public health guidance and requirements regarding safe pool and other amenity operations. The Board will update all residents as the present situation evolves and guidelines are updated.

We appreciate all residents following the guidelines so that our facilities can remain open! Please do not prop open the gates at the facilities. All residents MUST use their fob to access facilities. This will be closely monitored by the community security system. There are signs posted at the facilities with the CDC’s recommendations on how to protect yourself while in public including but not limited to practice social distancing (6ft apart), wear face masks when in public, wash hands frequently, and clean surfaces frequently. Cleaning supplies are located at each facilities. Please help us keep our facilities clean by wiping down areas after use.


Sunstate will continue to be on site to monitor projects and manage our community. In line with the CDC recommendations, walk-in hours will be cancelled for the next few weeks. Please call 941-870-4920 or email uphoa@sunstatemanagement.com should you need assistance.

Please email universityplace@duvallandscape.com for HOA landscaping questions.

Please utilize the drop box located at the entrance to the Charles Town Pool. Check payments may be placed in the dropbox. The dropbox will be checked and FOBS delivered to owners mailbox three times per week. As a reminder, FOBS are $25 each with a maximum of 4 per home.

Please utilize the drop box located at the entrance to the Charles Town Pool. Forms are available at the bulletin board or on this website. Completed forms and or check payment may be placed in the dropbox. The box will be checked, and decals delivered to owners mailbox three times per week.

The Board encourages residents to be vigilant during these times and follow the CDC recommendations.

Please continue to check this website for updates or email Sunstate with questions.

Thank you for your understanding and stay well!

Your Board of Directors